May 1st, 2002


BattleBots happens on Memorial Day weekend!

Pure advertisement. Except for being a intense fan, I have no ties to Battlebots.

Finals on Monday will probably sell out quickly. I've got ours already. ;)

BATTLEBOTS, the sport of robotic combat, will be holding its latest Tournament at Studio 3 Treasure Island in San Francisco, California from Wednesday, May 22nd through Monday, May 27th, 2002. We expect over 500 robots to compete for top honors and prize money in 4 weight classes!

The May 2002 Tournament will be taped by Comedy Central for Season 5.0 of the "Comedy Central Presents BattleBots" TV Series.

The Tournament will feature Two (2) shows per day (day and night shows starting at 10:00am PDT and 5:00pm PDT, respectively) with robots competing in duel matches in a single elimination format.

Tickets are ON SALE NOW! Log onto or for details on how to purchase tickets. Please note that there will be NO PUBLIC PARKING at the Studio 3 venue.

Audience members must take either public transportation to the event! Unauthorized vehicles driving onto the Island for the event will be turned away at the Treasure Island Guard Booth.

BattleBots Inc. is offering special public transportation options to and from the venue, please go to for a detailed transportation schedule.

}}}} Added Note (thnx to frawst for the reminder):
}}}} From San Francisco you can take the MUNI 108 line
}}}} from the transbay terminal.

No Photography Or Recording Devices. Photography or recording of this event is strictly prohibited. Cameras and recording devices will be subject to confiscation.

This tournament will play host to the strongest field of robotic contestants in the history of the sport. We look forward to seeing you at Treasure Island!


BattleBots Inc
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