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JohnO's Random Musings

April 26th, 2002

12:25 pm - My free speech rant...

I wrote this and realized it didn't fit where I was composing it, so it goes here...

{{{In response to someone saying something shouldn’t be said}}}}


It's all or nothing, except where *direct* public safety comes into play (Shouting fire, when there isn't one, in a crowded movie house.)

I will put my life on the line for anybody to say anything they want to.* This a basic tenant of our country and our lifestyle.

This does not mean I have to like or agree what you have to say, NO! Hell, I may probably even hate it, but I'll defend it.

KKK, bigots, racists, moralists, fanatics of all types have the right to speak.

I also have the right to speak back. To point out flaws in arguments, blackness of the heart, narrow mindedness. I may even lower myself to their level and start name calling. But to ever say, "no you can't say that"? Never!!!

* I put in 5 years in the Air Force. After all the simple reasons of job, $$, training, schooling, etc. I was in to serve and protect my country. #1 on my list of protections is Freedom of Speech.

04:18 pm - Random Joke

Heaven as run by Europeans:

The Police are British
The Bureaucrats are German
The Cooks are French

Hell as run by Europeans:

The Police are Germans
The Bureaucrats are French
The Cooks are English.
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