February 14th, 2002


What I did for Valentine's day.

Everybody's doing it, so shall I. (Yes, sometimes I'm a lemming.)

C and I actually did our dinner last night. With tonight be desgnated packing night for our trip to Las Vegas.

We attended the Chef Chu Chinesse New Year Banquet. 10 courses of food and wine. We were sitting at the table with the winery staff. Our glasses never got emptied.

Which meant we had to kill time before we left, lots of time. We wandered Tower books, video & record megastore. (Tip: Never go through the poster collection while drunk. The imagry that looks so cool sober and sends those on drugs on special trips, just makes a drunkard sick.)

By the time we made it home, neather of us were feeling very well, so we just flopped. Oh well, we'll just save up the energy for Vegas. ;)

Felt yucky this morning too. First hangover I've had for years.
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Very interesting...

For those who know the tail of my previous job, I just got some news.

The old CEO was booted by the BOD, the interim CEO said in one of his first meetings "Who the fuck fired the Support department."

My guess is that the VP-Sales was staring at the ceiling trying not to be noticed.