January 15th, 2002


2002 looking up

Not many details, but since it seems folks are starting to read this thing, I may as well make sure I make semi-regular entries. (Yes, I do talk in run on sentences. Lucky my writing doesn't include midstream digressions.)

Disney was a blast. Full, but not packed. Go to DCA for Soaring, the river ride, the coaster and the Electric Light Parade. Skip the rest of it. DCA is fun, but lacks the magic of DL.

Just before we left, I got a call from Kaiser HR wanting my references. Took about 3 days and lots of calls to find enough folks still in town for the HR dude to talk to. As far as I can tell, he only ever got in contact with 1 of them. (I gave him 6 contacts.) He said this was the last thing before he got the offer letter finalized.

NYE was fun, for the 3rd year we spent it at a friends house. They have lots of folks over, do lots of good food, games, champange and party favors for the midnight hour. I toasted the "end of a crapper of a year." A friend toasted "a great years passing." It's all in your perspective and what happened.

2002 is definitally looking up though!!!

We got home on the 1st (Tues afternoon), checking eMail, I found that I had been cc'ed on the "welcome to the group" message my boss sent out. Guess I had the job!!! The actual offer letter and initial employment forms showed up a couple of days later. I had them filled out and faxed back within an hour, then I mailed the originals, just to be sure.

I'm writing this from my new cube, during a break from "settling in." ie: Reading company policies, filling out forms, configuring my desktop, etc, etc, etc. I started yesterday, Jan 14th.

Also, last week we adopted 2 kittens.

Rusty - Male - 4 months
Autumn - Female - 3 months

Both are Red Tabbys. He is big and mellow. She is small, bouncy and bossy.

Initial pics can be found at:

I've got 80+ in the digital camera and 40+ in the film camera.

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I want something real to do.

Will the day never end.

Reading, reading, reading....

Corporate policies.
Sendmail manual
forms to fill out

Due to traffic I didn't get here till nearly 10am. So I feel compelled to stay till at least 6pm.

They are flexible as to start/stop times and are more concerned with "getting the work done" then hours put in, but it would be bad form to crawl out an hour early on my 2nd day.
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