December 20th, 2001


Long Busy Day

Since I turned 40 this year, I decided to schedule a full blown physical.

The actual physical went well, the Dr gave me the usual weight control chat,
but was sort of stymied by the fact that I am generally in good health.


She found I have high blood pressure and my blood sugar is 354.

On the BP side, this is surprising, as even under stress my BP is normal.
Even when I entered the Air Force, I had a 130/80.

A 354 fasting sugar means I have Type II diabetes.

Yesterday I had all the follow up appointments and spent the morning at
Kaiser (my HMO) going from appointment to appointment.

I came home with several bags of stuff, a BP monitor, a sugar tester,
the supplies for the tester, of course Rx's.

Started at 9:30a with the Doc, then a Diabetes Retinal Eye Exam, then the Health Education worker.

Got out of there at 1pm, did more searching for Xmas presents.

Then Chris and I went out to LotR
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One word: Intense

Go see it...

...but leave the kids behind. This is not Harry Potter, by a long shot. Chris says way to scary.

Scenery is gorgeous. Costumes magnificent. Acting superb.
You forget Elijah and Ian, and start seeing only Frodo and Gandalf.