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Even as a heavy Yahoo user, who likes their service, I think this is nasty

I used to work for a anti-spam company and we spent a lot of time defining and classifying advertising eMail.

This situation is called opt-out, it where a company tells you they are going to send you advertising eMail or sell your contact info, unless you specifically tell them not to. Not the nicest way to operate, but a valid one.

However, changing from Opt-In to Opt-Out, without telling your customers is just slimy.

Kopied wholesale with some changes, been through many hands so I don't know who wrote this first.

ATTENTION YAHOO USERS - Check Your Profile for Marketing Preferences!!!
If You Have A Yahoo! Account, {Mail, Groups, Anything} Your Profile Has Recently Been
Modified By Yahoo! To Allow Sale Of Your Personal Information - or anything false you may
have entered.

anyway, I saw the following notice on a Yahoo!Group and *I* have personally confirmed this to
have happened to my yahoo accounts. the only ones that do not have this change are the ones
signed up for at Yahoo!UK. I have just freaked out and changed my marketing preferences from
all "Yes!"

<<<Me too. I've also noticed that whenever you go back to this screen all the Qs revert to YES! go to , log in, click on "Account Settings" in the upper right corner. you will need to confirm log-in. look at your profile: immediately under your e-mail addresses you will see "Edit My Marketing Preferences." the defaults are "Yes" for every newsletter and to allow sale/trade of any address or phone information. -=-=- When Yahoo was down for 3 days a few weeks ago a major change was made that they didn't tell ANYONE about. They have added "Marketing preferences" to your list of user preferences. It asks which offers and emails you wish to recieve, but the default is YES, so your preferences are set so that Yahoo may sell your name and email address to whomeverthey wish. The only way to stop this is to edit your preferences, but so few people even KNOW about this that no one is doing it, so Yahoo is making a tidy sum selling your information *with your legal permisson*. It doesn't stop there, they are also selling your real home address and phone in the same manner. If you scroll to the bottom of the page it asks if you want to recieve offers at your home address and phone. Again, the default setting is YES.I recommend that anyone who has a Yahoo account, immediately go to your preferences in Yahoo and change the Marketing Preferences setting (it's in the same section as your email addresses)."

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