Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

cult tv meme

See in elizabear who got it from tashabear

Italics mean I've seen it at least once.
Bold means I've seen it a whole lot/watched it religiously/etc.

30. Northern Exposure but not the last year.
29. Highlander
28. Wonderfalls kept wanting to watch it more, but...
27. The Daily Show
26. Firefly Damn you FOX TV network
25. Freaks and Geeks This was my life.
24. Absolutely Fabulous Funny in small doses
23. Forever Knight
22. H. R. Pufnstuf Pre-Teen sureal life.
21. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman I tried, but it strangeness still needs to hang together.
20. Twin Peaks Strangeness that hung together.
19. Dark Shadows
18. Doctor Who Well Duh!!!
17. The Avengers Where I got my leather body suit fetish
16. My So-Called Life I actually tried to watch it once. Didn't make it through.
15. Quantum Leap I met My Lady though shared fandom.
14. Beauty and the Beast
13. Babylon 5 The ultimate novel for the visual space.
12. Family Guy
11. Mystery Science Theatre 3000
10. Pee-Wee's Playhouse Believe it or not, I used Pee-Wee's Playhouse as a signal check on one job.
9. Xena: Warrior Princess Subtext or not, these babes were HOT!
8. The Twilight Zone My first taste of strange TV
7. The Prisoner Most frightening enforcer ever.
6. The Simpsons
5. Monty Python's Flying Circus
4. Farscape Damn you SciFi.
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer More kick-ass babes.
2. The X-Files
1. Star Trek In all of it's incarnations.
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