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Fun, fun, fun, in the rain, rain, rain

Friday was a lots of fun.

Midnight Oil performed in the Paramount Theatre at Great America. This is the small indoor theater that seats 5-700 folks. They are intense. We were sitting in the 5th row, near in the center of the row. 90 minutes full tilt.

Afterwards we went on the Vortex. Actually our friends and C went on Vortex, I'm too large to fit. (sigh) This a goal for me on weight loss, to be able to fit into coaster seats.

I skipped Top Gun, because I know it's seats are even smaller.

I killed time while they road TG, in the arcade near 7th Portal (used to be Days of Thunder). It still has many driving games. There was pretty young lady playing a Moto Cross game. She was very good at it and very "nice" to watch too.

Our final experience of the night was the Stealth, which has *big person* seats!!!! On start up it lays you on your back, then flips you over after the initial climb. You feel like you are flying like superman. At no time when riding can you see the track or where you are going. It was the most thrilling and scary coaster I've ever been on. It is also one of the most comfortable. The vest style upper body and padded T-Bar lower body restraints hold you firmly in place, but there are no hard edges digging into you. While full of twists and turns, high speeds and flights directly at the ground (gulp), there are no sharp turns or sudden change of directions to bang you around.

Even with the small crowd of the radio station night, it was still an hour wait to ride stealth, which took us past 11pm and closing time. On our way out, we noticed that the Bumper Cars were still going. So J & I jumped on. It was the last run of the night, so the run was long (nearly 10 minutes). After a while I stoped taking the target of oportunity and only aimed for other adults, turnig it into a game of skill to dodge the kids. It's amazing how manical the looks people get when they are aiming for you and I could feel mine as I aimed for them. (grin)

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