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6-2-1: Another set of cons are upon us, so it is time to remind folks of the rule.

The 6-2-1 rule has evolved over the years and due to a hard disk crash, I lost the credits for many of the clauses and phrasing.

I post this often, but I did not create it initially, nor are all the additions my words.

Consider it a Internet collaboration...

6-2-1 rule

6 hours of sleep in each set of 24 hours.
2 good meals a day
1 shower a day.

6 hours of sleep
Yes you'll miss something.
Better to plan missing something, then to sleep through your favorite panel or the parties.

2 good meals a day.
This DOES NOT MEAN grazing the consuite or parties.
It means REAL fuel. Peanut Butter sandwiches, hot pockets, steak, cereal, etc.
"Chips, caffeine and a cigarette" don't cut it.

1 shower a day.
Cons are social events.
People don't want to be social with someone who smells like they have not showered in 2, 3 or more days.
Even if they don't plan on being social with you, they don't want to sit next to you at a panel.

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