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These are not the Questions you're looking for...

You're not going to see me answering the 7, 21, 41, 2000 question quizzes, but this one has some appeal.

Borrowed from sinboy who got it from mactavish who got it from chaiya

My default userpic. Keyword: Cool

One of my all time favorite head shots and it's a corporate ID to boot..

I'm debating on making it a floating head, with a totally transparent background.

Keyword: Evil Willow

For when my evil side is showing.

Keyword: Skeptical

Yep it's a Real Musgrave Pocket Dragon

I use this one mainly when commenting on a post I think is full of shit.
Sometime I use it when my own post is full of it.

Keyword: WhatChaDoing

Another Real Musgrave Pocket Dragon.


Keyword: scream

Drawn by the "computer artist" at the San Jose Tech Museum.

Rage or frustration.

Keyword: pensive

Another by the "computer artist" at the SJ Tech.

Deep thought or emotional reserve.

Keyword: fanduo

This is the license plate on our car.

Used for SF Fandom posts.

Keyword: tux

Tech talk.

Keyword: tyedye

I love wearing bright colors and TyeDye clothing, so I just had to have it.

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