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Which tarot card are you?

((((lots of numeric mumbo jumbo removed) The Fool is unnumbered and thus considered the first and last card of the Major Arcana, thus it represents the unending circle of life)))

... represents the god force, the force before entering into manifestaion, but in the same right, this card completes the cycle as number 22. Life continues on and on in a cycle and the number 22 is an ancient symbol for a circle representing god and infinity, because a circle has no starting point or end. The Fool represents the Superconscious in which he has yet one more step ahead of him, symbolic of the fact that we never come to our limit in potential.

The bright sun over head represents the life energy that is forever rising. The mountains in the distance, even though bleak and cold rising high in the sky bring forth water when the sun melts the peaks, bringing life and nurishment to the ones below. His bag represents the memories of the past, with the eagle on it representing an awaked view towards aspirations. The white rose in his hand represents the pure desire and untainted goals, while the dog at his feet is symbolic of the lower incarnations that are elevated by evolution.

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