Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Cool news

Among many other items is this gem:

Upcoming commercials

A couple months ago we were approached by a production company that was looking to expand their portfolio into tech/web companies and wanted to make some LiveJournal commercials, since they were LiveJournal users themselves. My initial reaction was, "Naah.... too expensive probably, and we don't advertise." But they just wanted to make them for fun and were offering to make them at cost. So, we all talked about it and decided it'd be neat. They turned out really well. (we'll be posting MPG and WMV files soon) Anyway, we needed a place to show them and got a good deal with Regal Cinemas to play them from Dec 12th - Dec 25th, which is during the Lord of the Rings movies. So... if you're in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, or Denver, look for LiveJournal commercials during those dates. I'll post a complete list of theaters tomorrow probably. We did this more for the cool factor than getting new users (new users keep coming anyway!), but if the reaction is good, maybe we'll be running more.

Since we're going to the Regal Cinema, Dublin for Trilogy Tuesday, we're probably going to see it then.

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