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The Day a Captain was slapped down, because of me.

Just a random story from my life...

I was in the USAF for 5 years. One of my postings was to NORAD (yep, *the* mountain), where I ended up in a admin position. One of my duties was to be one of many presenters in the weekly grand briefing for the 4-star General in command.

Process was simple. The General and his aides sat at one end of large table, those about to present sat at the other. Those on deck stood around the edge of the room. Those later in the field lined up in the hallway. My place in line was near the beginning, so I would arrive early, get my overheads to the AV guy and sit down with my backing reports. My turn comes around, I present, answer any Qs from the General or others, then leave.

One day, I'm settling in and get a tap on the shoulder. Look up and its a J-random Captain.
Me: "Yes, Sir?"
C: "Get up Airman, I want to sit."
Me: "Sir, I'm number 5."
C: "I don't care, get out of the seat."
Me: "Yes, Sir." I may be a smartass, but I'm not stupid.
C: "By the way, grab me a coffee."
Me: I stand up and start gathering my stuff.

The General walks in.

G: "Airman, why are you leaving?"
Me: Before I could answer, the Captain jumps in (bless his stupid soul.)
C: "I told him to move."
G: "He's an early presenter, he needs to be seated."
C: Looks confused
G: "So why don't *you* get coffee for the table. *Including* the Airman."

I don't like coffee, but damn I enjoyed that cup.

I liked that General, he was Cool and Sharp. But those are other stories.

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