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Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

FanimeCon report.

My first full on Anime Con, though I focused on only one aspect of it. Except for one panel with 2 voice actresses, I spent the entire day photographing CosPlayers (Costumers in Anime Fandom).

Tech details of the photos

Used my new Canon S-50 5 megapixal digicam.

Burned through 3 batteries.

400 pictures

A dozen or so short videos.

Filled the 512MB CF memory card and 1/2 the 384MB CF Microdrive.

After culling, I expect the photo count to be around 250-300 pics and maybe 2-3 videos (they were an ongoing experiment).

Used the flash for fill light and the LCD display continuously. So 100-150 shots per battery is very good..

How the day went

chriso decided to stay how and work on some other stuff, so my friend J gave me a lift down.

Just driving in around 10:30am we saw several folks in costume on the street.

He had some panels and videos he wanted to see, so we promptly split up.

While the non-prereg line was not very long, it draggggggggggged. I felt sorry for the folks who arrived latter.

No sooner did I step out of the reg area, when I get my first picture. A couple of young ladies who were playing Cello and Violin in costume, with a sign reading "Help pay our way to AX." After a few bars I realized they weren't playing classical music, they were playing a Anime theme.

Later in the day, they were back in different costumes.

I wandered the halls for a bit, getting some other shots and working past my shyness to ask if I could take the pictures.

Did a cruise of the Dealers room. Got some random stuff. Paused at the Yaoicon table. Where the nice lady explained it was focused on pretty anime boys, who were best when they were liking other pretty anime boys. "Ummm, thank you very much, but not my style."

I got lots of pics in the aisles and of folks behind the tables.

Loudly bemoaned, with a booth owner, the hassles of having pretty young ladies in CosPlay working at a booth. How guys keep coming up, taking their pictures, flirting with them, and spend lots and lots of money.

Was attack hugged by blackwing in sexy road leathers. But I was photographing someone and she was late to work the Yaoicon table. Hmmm, if ladies like blackwing go there, perhaps I should consider it. {grin}

Eventually I found that the Westin's main lobby was being used as a photo pit. Spent some time getting a variety of pictures.

Ended up taking pics for members of one of the groups as well. At one point there were 8 camera in front of myself and another photographer.
Take our picture. Take their pictures.... Change pose. Repeat....

Attended the Voice Actress panel featuring Rebecca Forstadt & Laura Bailey. Rebecca has done the voices for many many characters over the years (she's been doing it for over 25 years) including Minmei (Robotech) and Mihoshi (Tenchi Muyô!). Laura has only been doing voice for 8 years, primarily for FUNimation Productions including DragonBall (Chi-Chi and Kid Trunk) and Fruits Basket (Tohru). You can tell Rebecca does Mihoshi, as her regular voice is very close to M's and every once in a while she would laugh with Mihoshi type laugh/giggle.

I checked out some other programming, but none of it struck me. The Game Show sounded interesting, but alas it took forever to start and then was running without microphones, which meant you couldn't hear anyone participating. Including the MC.

Good thing I left as it turns out there was HUGE gathering of CosPlayers on the front lawn. Big class picture photo-op, then lots and lots of individual and small groups . Nearly 2 hours I was out there. Lots and lots pictures.

Caught up with karisu_sama and family minions there and got several pics of them.

chriso called to say she was on her way, she was coming down to visit the dealers room, have dinner and attend "der CosPlay" competition.

Turns out she couldn't resist costuming and had done a very sexy Matrix all black and leather outfit. Yet another reason I love this Lady, she looks hot in leather.

Yet another tour of the Dealers room, a few more pics along the way. Caught up with karisu_sama and crew again and invited them to join us for dinner. They planned to eat later, so no go.

We took the long way around to the hotel to drop off our tote bags in the car. By the time we reached the restaurant karisu_samaand crew were there and seated. Seems our invite of dinner had set off the girls tummy grumbles.

For a hotel restaurant it was very good and we had great service. We ordered a bottle of wine to go with our dinner, but after we got it decided we really didn't want a full bottle, so we shared with karisu_sama and her hubby R. Much discussion back and forth between our tables.

After dinner we went and got seats at "der CosPlay" competition. Lots of good stage costumes. Some skits should not have used their entire 3 minutes. Good at 1 minute, OK at 2 minutes, snoozing in the 3rd. Others were very good.

AMVs (Anime Music Videos) were a very good way to entertain the crowd during the half time between the presentations and awards.

They announced a photo area after the show, but on exiting the hall, security was shooing folks out of the convention center. "Where's the photo area?" "Photo area? We know nothing about a photo area." A little later I asked again. "Yeah, we got an answer 'We were supposed to set one up.' but no one told us before hand, so there isn't one."

I got a few more photos in the halls and such, then we headed home.

This stream of consciousness con report brought to you by the number E.

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