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SF Pride Celebration and Parade Call for Volunteers

chriso and I volunteered last year and had a blast.

We encourage anyone interested to volunteer. Safety Monitors get the best "seats" on the route.

Here's the official SF LGBT Pride press release re: need for volunteers

>>For Immediate Release
>>You Gotta Volunteer!
>>More Volunteers Needed To Staff Recycling Plan & Earlier Parade Start
>>Volunteers To Be Recognized At Fabulous Post Event Party
>>Two major changes to this year's event will affect the numbers of
>>volunteers needed to staff the Parade & Celebration. SF Pride is going
>>Green and launching a major recycling initiative. The Parade is starting
>>30 minutes earlier, at 10 a.m., to accommodate the largest turnout ever,
>>and a concerted effort is being made to close the gaps that have plagued
>>the Parade in the past. These changes, while making for an extraordinary
>>event increases the need for volunteers.
>>Pride President, Joey Cain, said:
>>"As a community we show respect for ourselves and each other. By recycling
>>we are also showing respect for our Earth. Without volunteers the SF Pride
>>Parade and Celebration could not happen. We need our community's hope for
>>a better World and desire for a shorter Parade to energize individuals to
>>step forward and make a difference this year by volunteering."
>>The recycling initiative is being planned in partnership with SF
>>Environment and Norcal. Although the eventual goal is zero-waste from the
>>event, there are many unique challenges that an event the size and scale
>>of SF Pride presents and the recycling plan, it is hoped, will be adapted
>>as a blueprint for other large public events. Volunteers to staff the
>>program will make a vital contribution and their efforts will benefit many
>>other events, putting recycling on the map in a sector which has
>>traditionally been behind the curve.
>>Parade volunteers are also needed to ensure the Safety of the Parade and
>>to help monitor and close gaps. Their labors ensure that the parade runs
>>smoothly and is enjoyable for all who participate. Many of the Safety
>>volunteers have been volunteering for a number of years and come from all
>>over the Bay Area. The earlier start time places an additional strain on
>>recruitment for the earlier shifts. Added to this has been a steady
>>decrease in the core of the Safety volunteer pool over the years. For
>>these reasons, recruitment of Safety volunteers is a top priority.
>>"You get a much better view on the route and up close as a Safety Monitor
>>than on the side walk, twelve-deep craning your neck for a glimpse of the
>>action. Our Safety team and the standards they have set are the best in
>>the World, but they need your help to keep it that way."
>>Said Pride Executive Director, Teddy Witherington.
>>Pride relies on volunteers for these and in many other event-related
>>areas. Volunteers also work yearlong to make the Parade and Celebration a
>>reality. A complete list of volunteer opportunities can be found at:
>>All volunteers receive a t-shirt, lunch and/or snacks, a collectible
>>volunteer pin, a goodie bag and an invitation to the volunteer
>>appreciation party where the volunteer raffle includes fabulous prizes
>>such as memorabilia signed by Celebrity Grand Marshal, Armistead Maupin,
>>mini-vacations donated by AAA and even a cruise for two donated by
>>Atlantis Events. Most importantly, volunteers will be a part of producing
>>our community's Pride Event and giving everyone who attends hope for a
>>better World.
>>For further information contact Teddy Witherington at: (415) 864 0831
>>Teddy Witherington
>>Executive Director San Francisco LGBT Pride
>>Co-President InterPride
>>1390 Market Street, #903, San Francisco, CA 94102
>>t. (415) 864 0831
>>f. (415) 864 5889
>>SF Pride 2003 - June 28/29, 2003

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