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"Into The Woods" Auditions

Stage 1 Repertory Theatre announces auditions for


Book by James Lapine
Music by Stephen Sonheim
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Directed by Darren Hochstedler
Choreographed by Jeanne Boyd
Produced by Debbie Otterstetter and Denise Watson

Based on Classic Fairy Tales

Into the Woods was made famous on Broadway with Bernadette Peters and the revival with Vanessa Williams. Fractured tales of a darker hue provide the remarkable context for Into the Woods, which deconstructs the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tales. While the faces and names are familiar, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and company inhabit a neighborhood in which witches and bakers are next-door neighbors, handsome princes from once-parallel fables are competitive (and equally vain) brothers, and all the stories intersect through unexpected new plot twists. The tale of what happens after "happily ever after." Wonderful songs include No One is Alone and Children Will Listen.

Saturday, June 14 at 11:00 a.m. and Monday, June 16 at 7:00 p.m.
Callbacks: Saturday, June 21
at the Newark Memorial High School Theatre (39375 Cedar Blvd., Newark)
Rehearsals begin July 21 Performs September 12-27, 2003

Ensemble Cast (16-18) with minimal dancing.
Includes great principle roles for actors of all ages 13-80.

Prepare one Broadway style song and be prepared to do cold readings from the script. Sondheim music and/or music from the show is encouraged but not required. Bring sheet music in your key. Pianist and Into The Woods score provided.

For more information, call (510) 791-0287
or check our website at

(All parts will have some movement/choreography.)</div>

The Bakerharried and insecure; baritone (A -- high G)
The Baker’s Wifedetermined and bright; mezzo (G -- high F)
The Witchsarcastic, ugly-then-gorgeous; mezzo (low F -- high F)
Narratorintellectual and pleasant, baritone (G -- high E)
Jackfeckless Giant Killer almost a man; tenor (A -- high G)
Jack’s Motherbrowbeaten and weary; soprano (B -- high F-sharp)
Cinderellaearnest, warm-hearted; soprano (G -- high G)
Little Red Ridinghooda spoiled smart aleck; mezzo (B -- high F)
Rapunzela loopy-but-lovely maiden; soprano (C -- high A-sharp)
Cinderella’s Princevain and gorgeous; baritone (B -- high F)
Rapunzel’s Princejust as vain and gorgeous; baritone (C-sharp -- high E)
Mysterious Mana mischievous vagrant; baritone (G -- high E-flat)
Wolfhungry and insatiable; baritone (B -- high G-flat)
Stepmothermean-spirited; mezzo (A-sharp -- high F)
FlorindaCinderella’s stepsister, lovely but black of heart; mezzo (C -- high E)
LucindaCinderella’s stepsister, lovely but black of heart; mezzo (C -- high E)
GrannyRed’s fiesty, savage grandmother
Stewardsurly and bureaucratic
Sleeping Beautybeautiful, non-singing, non-speaking
Milky-WhiteJack’s only friend (a cow)

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