Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote,
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More Military Memories...

This post by grimmtooth reminds me of a story....

Background, quoting (with some snips) from the above post:

Ramps are amazing things. It's similar to a wild onion but has a broad leaf instead of the narrow leaf that a scallion has.
But one thing about Ramps ... imagine the most powerful onion you have ever had. Stack on the pungency of garlic. Now you ALMOST have an idea of how powerfully pungent a Ramp is.

You can spot someone that has had Ramps for dinner for the next week without opening your eyes. The odor is on the breath and oozes out the pores.

When I was in Biloxi for USAF Tech School, a couple of the guys in my barracks took weekend leave to a Ramp festival. They had 2 solid days of eating ramps, drinking moonshine and sucking crawdads. Which left them more then a little ragged and smelly on their return.

During Monday morning's assembly there was a dispute at the back of one of the columns. The Sgt called out asking what the issue was.

"Ma'am, no one wants to stand next to Jones & Smith."

"Jones, Smith, front and center!" .... "Phew, where were you boys?"

"Ramp Festival Ma'am."

"I see. Go to the office. Wait OUTSIDE of it. I'll give you passes to get out assembly and marching. You're instructors will decide if they will let you into classes or not. Otherwise you are already suffering the punishment of eating Ramps all weekend." {Big Grin on her face at this point.}

One of them claimed to be taking 4 showers a day trying to get the smell off.

Seemed no one warned them that your body exudes essence of Ramp for several days after you eat them.

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