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LV Sat Details

Chris posted her follow up to the diary list, so I'm borrowing it and adding some comments (>>>>), I've also imbedded lots of URL links.

> Proof of having "Too Much Fun": broke, exhausted, coming down with a cold.

J&S and Chris have colds - cough, cough, hack, hack. John seems to have survived with just being run down and some coughing without a full blown cold. Guess he didn't have enough fun.

> Carriage House

Very nice small hotel - quiet (except for noisy neighbors on Sat night) and no gaming on the premises. John and I traded our time share in SF for it and invited J&S along since there was room for 4.

>>> Room also had a kitchenette (microwave, 2 burners, frig, dishes) On the days without a breakfast listed, we did oatmeal in the room.

> Sat

Aladdin CHAMPAGNE brunch - so much wonderful food we decided we had to do it again on Sunday so we could taste the food we couldn't get to on the first run. The sparkling wine was Italian - but was methode champagnois and very good. And moderately priced too.

Yes - we rode the Reboot motion ride three times - not just for J either - we all loved it. There is so much detail on the screen, we compared notes after each ride about what new things we saw on each subsequent ride. I still don't think we caught everything even after the third time.

Also at Circus, Circus Adventuredome, we rode the rollercoaster twice - short but intense - two loops and a corkscrew. We also rode the water ride - I was disappointed because I didn't get very wet. The others did though. John and J did the bumper cars.

>>>> We were planning a 4th ride on reboot and a 3rd on the rollercoaster, but my body decided that one more of either it was going to revolt and expel what remained of breakfast.

One caution: The park is enclosed in a dome and the sound of the rides and tons of kids get very loud. We had to step outside onto a quieter patio to escape the noise at least once, maybe twice. However, the lines were all pretty short and moved quickly.

Pink Pony was a very basic cafe at Circus Circus, but we hadn't had anything to eat for hours. The service there was excellent and the waitress had a great sense of humor.

>>>> My body also was very clear, "We will consume something real to eat every 4 hours." Even it is just small burger, fried rice or something else besides sugar, chips or alcohol.

The 99 cent Margarita's were at the Westward Ho next to Circus, Circus. They had a good amount of tequila and lots of ice.

>>>> Otherwise the WH is a wash.

>>>> Remember Chris is writing this...

At Treasure Island - J misses an important detail - we saw good looking pirate stuntmen - wet, good-looking pirate stuntmen. Oh, and there was a mock battle and explosions and the British ship sank - oh, and did I mention wet, good-looking pirate stuntmen.

John to S and Chris: "Look, the British Ship is sinking"
S: "We're looking at at wet pirates now."

At the Mirage, the white tiger on exhibit was AWAKE, and moving, and playing in the water and using his giant sandbox. This is rare. He is usually asleep. Then we went outside just in time to see the volcano go off.

>>>> Big kitty, big sandbox, big flinging. (cat owners understand)

At Caesar's Forum Shops we were just going to step in and look around for a moment. We spent at least 2 hours there. Amused ourselves looking at the Disney characters outside of the Disney shop dressed Roman style. At the FAO Schwarz there was a giant Trojan horse in the entrance and a Roman street scene in the window with stuffed animals as the Romans.

We ate at Wolfgang Puck's Chinois. Way too much food. And I had way to much Saki - we were sitting across from the giant Trojan horse and when his head moved every 15 minutes and his eyes turned from blue to green to red I swore he was going to shoot deadly beams out at us.

>>>> Unfortunatly something in the food disagreed with S and I, as we spent the night fending off heartburn.

We finally left Caesar's and after a short discussion we decided to take the monorail from Bally's to MGM and walk back to our hotel rather than wait in the rater long taxi line. Big mistake. The monorail took us to the part of MGM furthest from our hotel. We learned our lesson. If its not the next hotel or just across the street, take a taxi. (for 4 people, the taxi was almost as cheap as the bus)

>>>> We also learned later that even longish (not Comdex long) taxi lines move very fast.

We collapsed into our beds, exhausted and footsore, and it had only been our first day.

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