Consonance 2016 starts in just 5 days!

Consonance 2016 starts in just 5 days!

The SF Bay Area’s only Filk Convention.

Featuring Concerts, Workshops, Drum Circle and all night filking.

Program grid is posted here:

This year’s Guests are:

Guests of Honor: Cheshire Moon
Cheshire Moon is the fanciful collaboration of trickster bird Lizzie Crowe and
crazed magician Eric Coleman.

International Interfilk Guest: Jela Schmidt
While she comes across as a quiet and serene person at first,
it does usually not take long until she dishes out her first unexpected
spot-on pun in a fun conversation. I tell you, she can pun in BOTH languages, it is scary

Special Guest: Kathleen Sloan
She tapes concerts and open filks, and craftily uses these tapes to mine
for the very best songs, which she learns and performs, spreading
filk gems throughout the community.

Toastmaster: Tim Griffin
Tim taught grades K-5for eighteen years, while writing and performing
fun educational music on the side. Over the years, the music grew into
a second full-time job.

Consonance starts TOMORROW!!!

Consonance starts TOMORROW!!!

Memberships are available at the door.
We have full weekend, daily and even Sat Evening only memberships.

Our Guests of Honor have already started to arrive!

Remember the hotel has extended our reservation deadline to receive convention rates till Friday.

The program grid has been posted on the website.

AND... Special appearances not listed in the program book or anywhere else:

Sunday, March 9th, 2am* special hosted filk circle.

Julia Ecklar leading "Horse Tamer's Daughter"
Leslie Fish leading "Banned From Argo"
Frank Hayes leading "Matty Groves" the original unabridged version.
All 47 verses!

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

* Subject to space time continuum restraints.

Consonance is just 10 days away

Consonance is just 10 days away.

Do you have your hotel reservation yet?

If not, the hotel has extended the cut-off date to MON, 03/03.

Registration by mail has closed. At the door rates are:

Full Weekend: $55
Children 6-12 full weekend: $27.50
Children under 6: Free, but must be with parent or guardian.

Daily Rates:
Friday: $20
Saturday all day: $30
Saturday evening concerts: $20
Sunday: $20

Hope to see you there!